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Sportunes caught up with Bukola Alamu Olalekan - the Nigerian born striker that has traveled the length and breadth of this world just to carve a niche for himself. He is the first Oyo state born Highest goal scorer in any league outside Africa .....

Sportunes - Introduce yourself please

Bukola - My names are ALAMU BUKOLA OLALEKAN, A profesional footballer born on the 18th of December 1986.

Sportunes - How was growing up like as a footballer or were you also born with the ball in your hands?

Bukola - (laughs)... not at all, i started playing soccer at a very early stage probably because i have elder brothers so i started on the street of Ibadan, Oke Adu area to be specific. After playing street soccer, we will later go to school fields to play soccer, that was in the late 90's. But i have always been a wonderful football player from day 1.

Sportunes -Growing up through the ranks???

Bukola - I started playing professional soccer as an amateur player at the shooting stars of Ibadan feeders team in 2006/2007. But before this time, i had a trial with a team called Kedah Fc in Malaysia after which i came back home and joined a team called Sumal FC and by the grace of God i helped them from the amateur 4 to amateur 3 of the league.

Sportunes - The trip to a new land Bangladesh...

Bukola - I traveled to Bangladesh in 2008 and i knew it was time to show what i was really made of during my trial at Mohhamedam Sporting Club, the coach was wowed after just 3 games as i scored 6 goals and the coach was just asking my agent please get me this young man ITC (INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER CERTIFICATE). He could not wait to see me sign for the club, we later discussed and decided to play for Mohammedam Sporting Club Bangladesh.

Sportunes - How did you become a household name in far away Bangladesh?

Bukola - Once again i want to say it has been God, because my first season at Mohammedan Sporting Club Chittagong was a beautiful one as i finished as the highest goal scorer across in all competition (the super cup, federation cup and the league itself), I finished the season with a total of 29 goals in all competitions. I was loved by fans and i became the first Oyo state indigene to be highest goal scorer outside the continent ( n.b Rashidi Yekini is from Kwara and Edith Agoye is from Ondo), i had to leave the club after spending two beautiful seasons at the club.

Sportunes - After the beautiful years at Mohhanedam why did you move to Molthijudah?

Bukola - A better deal came and better challenges came up, am a person that love new challenges, i love the game and i saw that as an opportunity to achieve my aim. I had to leave the club for Sheikh Rasel in 2011 where i later won the league and i became the MVP throughout Bangladesh..

Sportunes - Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Bukola - I see myself playing for the big clubs in Europe, the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona and all as i earlier told you i love challenges..

Sportunes - Your childhood club?

Bukola - The sky is blue i love Chelsea 

Sportunes - Why did you come back to the country?

Bukola- I have won everything in Bangladesh individually and with the team i believe it is best leaving when ovation is loudest, i need better and new challenges.

Sportunes- Have you ever thought of playing for a Nigerian club?

Bukola- Actually it crossed my mind when i was told about the just finished CHAN to register but i couldn't compromise my stand.

Sportunes - Your opinion about Globacom premier league compared to that in Bangladesh..

Bukola - Beautiful league with very good players but the league in Bangladesh has better administration and financing.

Sportunes - Your strong point?

Bukola - Am a perfect number 7 as i am very good wit both feet i can use them perfectly

Sportunes - Your role model?

Bukola- Cristano Ronaldo is a good player.

Sportunes - Who is the toughest defender you have ever played against?

Bukola - One Serbia defender tat plays for Sheick Mohammedam,  he was quite fast and strong.

Sportunes - What makes you different from other players on the field of play?

Bukola - My ability to use both feet, assist goals and at the same time score goals.  I can call myself a complete forward..

Sportunes - Don't you think you left Bangladesh so soon???

Bukola - Will you call 5 years soon??? But actually, i have won everything with the team i think it is just best i leave, i won all individual and club accolades, i was the best paid player in the whole of Bangladesh, so i think it was time to look for better competition..

Sportunes - How much are we talking about here Mr Buky?..

Bukola - Wont disclose that here but ask me after the interview and i may decide to tell you ( laughs)

Sportunes - Rumours have been going around that you were once invited to play for Nigeria, and at a time you even played for a club in Finland..

Bukola - As you said earlier, Rumours! I will always love to represent my country, I love Nigeria, The colour is green brother, I was never approached at any time by any gaffer but my agent told me something like that some time past and about the Finland case there is nothing like that.

Sportunes - Nice talking to you Mr Buky and we will love to see you in white and green soonest

Bukola - Same here, I will be so glad to wear the colours too, you are soo welcome...

The 26 year old has an inspirational message on his twitter page @bukolaalamu : 'Am on eagles wing i can do all things through christ Jesus that stengthens me. just because of His love towards me i can do greater things in my life halleiua.'... We at Sportunes wish Bukola all the best in the nearest future..

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  13. Good job, good player. Nothing more than doing what you know best. I commend your courage. Keep moving on the fast lane. Get set for your next move to European league soon as your new agent/manager. By Coach Destiny