Monday, 22 April 2013



Luis Suarez's bite on Branislav Ivanovic has outraged the football world, with many observers calling on Liverpool to offload their disgraced striker.  Now, we're not saying it's OK or anything, but let's get a sense of perspective shall we?
Suarez could have done any of the following which are definitely (maybe) much, much (slightly) worse:

1-Spitting - Not our rules; football's. It's universally recognised as the worst thing anyone can do on the pitch, even though it definitely doesn't hurt at all.


2-Attacking the ref - Whether it's a shove and comedic fall like Paolo Di Canio on Paul Alcock, or a full-on chase and pummel like this one in Lebanon, you just can't lay hands on the man in black.

3-Coach fighting his own player - This is Fiorentina gaffer Delio Rossi diving into the dugout to throttle his player Adem Ljajic. Rossi lost his job, Ljajic kept his.


4-Kung fu kicking a fan - We can all look back with hindsight, chuckle and say Matthew Simmons had it coming. But Eric Cantona's flying assault earned him an eight month ban and 120 hours of community service.


5-Kissing the badge - The ultimate hollow expression of loyalty. Here are Wayne Rooney, pre-transfer request, and the preposterous Amr Zaki - then of Wigan, now back in Egypt.


6-Muted celebrations -These are the increasingly numerous players who refuse to celebrate goals against their old club out of some misguided sense of 'respect'. Adebayor is like 'cool story'


7-Sleeping with your team-mate's girlfriend - Erm...

8-Sleeping with your brother's wife - ... *lips are sealed*

9-Nibbling a team-mate's genitals after they have scored a goal - Yes, you read that correctly.


10-Kicking an owl to death - Hurting your opponent is one thing. Booting a defenceless animal quite another.


11- Howard Webb officiating a Manchester United match, the opponents are like 'Lobatan'



  1. Ryan Giggs!!! itunu y u dey seal lips.. haha

  2. honestli killin dat owl deserves a life ban

  3. funny funny, stop givin suarez hope jo

  4. loool... howard webbbb

  5. itunu u dey mad o... dat adebayo goal stl dey pain u abi.. hahaha

  6. i rememba dat adebayor goal dieee, na real cool story

  7. Cantonaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. lol.. wer du dose number 9 ppl com from

  9. Well done ITUSCA!