Wednesday, 27 November 2013

WAG OF THE WEEK: Meet Sila Sahin!

Sila+Sahin in 'Bis aufs Blut - Brueder Auf Bewaehrung' Premiere

 Part of our mandate on this blog is to let y'all know about the delectable WAGS (Wives And Girlfriends) of your favorite Athletes... Sportunes will be a breeding ground for WAGS as these beautiful women are often scooped up by some of the worlds finest athletes. 

Many vault from being previously unknown to becoming household names as we have seen in Andy Roddick and  Brooklyn Decker. While some probably made the athletes household names like we saw in Kim n Kris. Some 'equally' shine bright like diamonds alongside their athletic spouses like Mr n Mrs Beckham.

The lifestyle of a professional athlete is stunning already so when these guys get to go home to some of the worlds most beautiful models, forgive us if we don't shed a tear for them. 

Our WAG of the week goes to;

Sila Sahin

Sila is a Turkish-German actress and girlfriend of Borrusia Dortmund star Ikay Gundogan, Şhe became famous when she posed nude for the German edition of Playboy magazine in May, 2011, and became the first Turkish woman to appear on the cover of the magazine.

Sila Sahin zeigt zum ersten Mal Freund Ilkay Gündogan - sila-sahin-ilkay-erstes-bild-q

The move upset some conservative members of her family. Muslim conservatives have also reacted negatively in threads and websites. Şahin describes her lifestyle as one of liberation: "My upbringing was conservative, I was always told, you must not go out, you must not make yourself look so attractive, you mustn’t have male friends. I have always abided by what men say. As a result I developed an extreme desire for freedom. I feel like Che Guevara. I have to do everything I want, otherwise I feel like I may as well be dead."

Sila Sahin (09)

However, Florian Boitin, the editor in chief of German Playboy, claims Sıla Şahin is not a Muslim, saying, “Sila isn't Muslim. Her father doesn't belong to any [religion] and her mother is Christian. And the Playboy cover with Sila Sahin is not a religious statement.”


Sila Sahin (11)
Sila Sahin (16)

Sila Sahin (10)

Sila Sahin (07)

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