Saturday, 13 April 2013


Queens Park Rangers midfielder Joey Barton is what my grandmother would have called a "bad apple." In fact, the entire Barton clan might be nothing but bad apples. He and several of his siblings have been locked up for a variety of offenses over the years and his brother Michael Barton is serving life for a racially motivated murder in 2005.

Barton is quite simply a badass brawler who if he doesn't actively go out looking for fights, surely never shies away from one—on or off the pitch. Barton was given a 12-match ban for his violent conduct on the field during QPR's final match of last season against Manchester City.

Barton saw red at City

Barton Cleared Bradley Johnson's doubts.

He once extinguished a lit cigar in a teammate's face at a Christmas party. He assaulted a 15-year-old Everton supporter during a summer pre-season tour to Thailand. He punched a teammate so hard in a training ground dust-up that he detached the guy's retina. He was caught on camera repeatedly hitting and kicking a man outside a fast-food restaurant and he broke a pedestrian's leg while driving late at night.

Barton on Alonso

Gervinho refused to be intimidated

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