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In Sydney 2000 Felix Sanchez was the fancied runner after posting great times during the 1999 season on for college track team USC and holding that form into the European season of 2000. In Sydney Sanchez failed to make the final. For motivation he vowed to wear the flashing bracelet that the athletes were given for the 2000 opening ceremony in every race until he won the Gold in the next Olympics, Athens 2004.

From that untimely defeat in the semi-finals at Sydney 2000 until the final in Athens 2004 Sanchez went on a 43 race winning streak which included 2 World Titles and ultimately fulfilled his vow of winning the Olympic Gold


Four years later in Beijing, he woke up on the morning of his preliminary heat to the news that his grandmother had died. Sánchez thought about dropping out but decided to run, and he wound up with the 22nd-fastest time of 25 finishers.

"I ran terribly. I cried the whole day. I was very emotional," he recalled. "After that Olympics, I made a promise that I was going to win a medal for her."

Sanchez's thoughts again strayed to his late grandmother four years later in London, but this time she provided motivation rather than distraction.

With a photo of him and his grandma tucked under his jersey and "Abuela" scrawled in black pen on the straps of his spikes, the 34-year-old Dominican became a dual Olympic champ, crossing the finish line in 47.63 seconds to hold off American Michael Tinsley. Sanchez briefly celebrated the upset victory before further honoring his grandmother by kneeling in the middle of the track and kissing her photo.                                                                 

"I just wanted to make her proud so I've got her name on my spikes," he told reporters in London on Monday. "The day she died in Beijing it broke my heart. That's why I ran with the picture close to my heart."

It began to drizzle, and Sánchez began sobbing. He covered his face with his hands and spectators offered a loud cheer of support in response.
"Ironically, it started raining. It just made me feel like my grandmother was crying tears of joy," Sánchez explained at his news conference, choking up. "She was proud of me.


Sanchez, 34, also became the oldest winner of an Olympic sprint event. He came back from injuries and some had expected him to retire.

He was very emotional crying during the medal ceremony as he most certainly remembered his abuela.


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