Friday, 26 April 2013


I dint actually see the bite LIVE, i remember i just finished playing footy then i pounced on my fone and   'started seeing thins' on peoples updates: 'Suarez the Vampire, Suarez should never play for Liverpool again, Suarez is the reason why hell fire exists'. What they failed to mention was that he made a stunning pass for the 1st goal and scored the equalizer. I eventually saw the bite and  i was like this guy must get banned for this, because there is no space for biting in our sports.





Trust the English media and their ways they sold pressure to the English FA with their (mouth watering, jaw breaking, career demolishing) headlines and the FA gladly bought it by giving Suarez a 10 match ban. Thereby creating suspicions in my heart that its either the Creme De l' Creme of English Football are racists themselves or there is an open conspiracy going on against the uruguayan.

Don’t get me wrong, biting is dreadful - and no fine was ever going to be sufficient punishment for Suarez because players earn so much money now that docking him £200,000 would be like fining a Mr Yusuf N750 000 for stealing N2 billion PENSION money.Nobody in their right mind would defend Luis Suarez for chomping on Branislav Ivanovic’s arm.

And Suarez, who has ‘previous’ appetite for biting from his Ajax days, can have few complaints that his ban stretches well into next season. He shamed a proud football club which is a worldwide institution.

BUT comparing his 10 match ban for biting to
-Punching your opponent and breaking his jaw (Paul Davis, nine games)
-Elbowing your opponent half to death (Ben Thatcher, eight games)
-Racially abusing your opponent (John Terry, four matches)
-And every leg-breaking tackle ever perpetrated... IS A NO NO NO

And where does violent conduct, in the shape of career-threatening tackles or recklessness with no regard for the safety of your fellow professionals, fit into the FA’s tariff of punishments now?

Ask Iain Hume if he would rather have been bitten or had his skull fractured by Sheffield United defender Chris Morgan’s elbow.

Ask Alf Inge Haaland if a bite is worse than Roy Keane’s infamous tackle in the Manchester derby that ultimately ended his career.


Ask Eduardo Silva If he woluld have signed up 4 a bite or face Martin Taylor's full wrath


Ask Pedro Mendes if Suarez is worse than Ben Thatcher’s appalling challenge which left him eating through a straw in hospital.

And ask Germany’s Rudi Voller if a bite-mark is worse than Frank Rijkaard spitting at him at the World Cup in Italia 90


Jamie Carragher Confessed" Lucas Neill cost me six months of my career in September 2003 when he played for Blackburn. Would I have preferred to have been bitten? Absolutely".

Robie Savage said "In my career, I suffered a broken leg, I was head-butted by Dion Dublin in the Villa-Birmingham derby and a Hungarian fella spat in my face when I was on international duty with Wales.
In my opinion, all three of those incidents were more nasty, in their own way, than being bitten. But 
Watford’s Al Bangura was not even booked for the challenge which put me out of the game for six months, Dublin served only a fraction of the ban Suarez is facing... and for me, spitting in someone’s face is simply the lowest of the low"

Ivanovic will be able to turn out for Chelsea this weekend. In training, he was even pictured joking about Suarez giving him a love-bite.

Players on the receiving end of leg-breaking tackles, flying elbows or head-butts are not so lucky. In some cases, they spend months out of the game and, in a few, they never make a full recovery.

A friend argued with me that you cant compare biting to leg tackles then i told him a story of Defoe. 


Once upon a time in 2006, In a match against Westham, Jermain Defoe appeared to have gone all Suarez on Javier Mascherano. 

                      (Left to right) Spurs striker Jermain Defoe, referee Steve Bennett and West Ham's Javier Mascherano
But the Refree hurried to save the situation and booked Mascherano for 'allowing his arms to be bitten'

Where is the Justice?

Another friend suggested that the FA wanted to 'send a message'. i'm like Send what message? That this biting epidemic has to stop?

Like seriously this Biting syndrome that occurs roughly as often as a Gael Clichy goal has to stop. First Jermain Defoe seven years ago, now Suarez - when will it all end? Nobody wants to see another biting controversy in 2020.

Men behind desks at Wembley should start getting their priorities right ; if the FA will not charge Chris Morgan for sending Ian Hume on a forcced 9 months medical leave, then Suarez should be compensated for leaving little or no mark on Ivanovic.


  1. wellll said bro, we share similar thoughts too buh iv bn lukin 4 back up.. this is just perfect 4 me

  2. Itunu u dnt knw wat ur saying... he nids 2 be banned from the game

  3. i tink dis negro is just a victim of circumstances

  4. guy so u stl dey play ball

  5. nice article bro... the EPL nid 2 show consistency in their rulings too. u cant ban terry for 4 matches and suarez for 8 matches for the same offence

  6. lol.. itunu u be fool, na me be anoda friend abi... hahaha

  7. itunu Defoe dint get a ban because Referee took care of the situation and fyi, Defoe also got carded

  8. Itunu u don decamp go liverpool?

  9. this is a very controversial topic.. i tink d guy should onli get banned for the rest of the season