Saturday, 6 April 2013

Welcome on board!

 Welcome Sports Folks!!! This is your one stop blog on everything sports  ranging from the round leather (Footy) to rock leather (Bball). Sportunes will also give you 101 reasons not to follow some sports like the only game named after an animal : CRICKET ( I stand to be corrected).  Sportunes takes a critical look not only at the athletes and their achievements but also the juicy lives they live and their delectable WAGS (wives and girlfriends). You want to know how Tiger Woods rebounded to the pinnacle of the Golfing world or the babe that friend zoned him? Mario Balotellli's net busters or his 50th shade of fuck up? Sportunes is the home for all the athlete's on and off pitch's gist you v been dying to know...  we bring it fresh and new like no one else with professional analysis backed with a wacky sense of humor!!

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