Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bruce Grannec claims second FIFA Interactive World Cup title


To you all that are always making mouth that nobody can beat you in FIFA well let me introduce to you Bruce Grannec. The French won the 2013 FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) which was wrapped up in dramatic fashion in Madrid yesterday.

                Bruce Grannec claims second FIFA Interactive World Cup title

He claimed his second world title after beating Mexico’s Andrei Torres Vivero 1-0 in a tense finale.  Grannec, who adds to his 2009 crown, will take home a cool 20,000 USD in prize money and enjoy a trip for two to the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2013, where he will rub shoulders with the biggest stars in world football.

                      Madrid belongs to The Machine

The victory is made all the more impressive considering the 2.5m players who participated in the FIWC 2013, making this the mostly fiercely contested online gaming tournament ever.

Ralph Straus, FIFA Head of Strategy & Brand Management said;

“It has been a thrilling competition and we congratulate all 21 grand finalists, in particular Bruce Grannec for emerging as world champion," Straus said. "The FIWC continues to be a platform that gives fans across the globe an opportunity to participate in a FIFA World Cup event and become a true world champion. We are excited about planning for the tenth edition of the competition in 2014 with the support of presenting partners EA SPORTS™ and Sony PlayStation®".

I have been around the world, what i am yet to see under the sun is the guy that will accept he has a boss in the game of FIFA. 

An underdog beating one of the very best
Even with statistics stating the obvious, everybody wants to wear the crown. sighs*

BUT Bruce Grannec is the Undisputed Champion and he wont share his glory with anybody as he has featured in four FIWC tournaments (2009, 2010, 2012, 2013) reaching a gold medal match a staggering three times and the semi-finals on all four occasions. While lethal on the attack The 26 year old  defensive prowess is an integral part of his game; Bruce conceded only 5 goals in the entire tournament.

Bruce Grannec will be traveling to the next FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala for a night amongst the greatest names in world football. The two-time champion - the second to ever complete the double - deserves the prize trip for the superb turnaround he put on in Madrid.

 We will also be seeing more of Bruce at FIWC14. The defending champion automatically qualifies for the next consecutive edition which means Bruce will get to make a fifth appearance at the FIWC
"I just realised a few seconds ago that I will be returning to the Ballon d'Or," were Bruce Grannec's words immediately after the final.

The CEO of World Football Joseph Sepp Blatter tweeted;



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