Sunday, 5 May 2013


Ali's Honorary medal
Muhammed Ali tossed the gold medal he won in the 1960 olympics into a river.

The earliest account of this story is from Ali’s own autobiography, The Greatest: My Own Story, which he wrote in 1975. According to the book, one evening Ali was refused service at a white’s only restaurant in his hometown of Louisville. This incident was followed by a fight with a white motorcycle gang. In anger and frustration, Ali went down to the Ohio River and tossed his medal into the water.

At the Atlanta Games Ali was not only honored with lighting the Olympic torch at the opening ceremonies. Ali was also awarded an honorary medal to replace his 1960 gold


  1. #LEGEND thins

  2. U dnt mean it

  3. We had great athletes back den, sportsmen that used deir status 2 make the voice of the maasses 2 be heard.. Buh wah we av now is selfish n greedy athletes dat r just after the fame n money

  4. woooow!... what a great concobility

  5. Itunu so u no c pix of wen him dey throw am inside water... FABU!