Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Kevin Durant donates $1 million to Red Cross for Oklahoma tornado relief


Kevin Durant is truly an outstanding human being.

The tornado that ripped through the streets, homes and lives of Oklahoma City was devastating. Merely the thought of lives being lost and families being displaced is enough to send a piercing chill down the back of your spine.

Amid all the tragedy, tears, evil, suffering in this world, with people like Kevin Durant around, we always have that feeling that THERE IS HOPE. A disaster like this is horrifying, but it resonates with the general public and brings out the benevolence in all of us.

This uptick of philanthropy is now being piloted by Durant himself. According to CBS Sports' Royce Young, the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar has donated $1 million to the Red Cross' Tornado Relief fund.


NBA superstar or not, $1 million is a lot of cash. Durant earned approximately $17.5 million playing for the Thunder this past season (not including endorsements and the like), so his donation accounts for more than five percent of his principle salary.

Few people are prepared to devote five percent of their income to charity. Some just aren't in a position to do so at all. But Durant is, and so he did.

His contribution, however, is hardly surprising.


Most would have been shocked if he didn't pledge a lump sum to the cause, because this is so Durant. In 2010 he donated $100,00  to those affected by the deadly earthquake in Haiti through 'Athletes Relief Fund for Haiti'

The unsuccessful attempt at anonymity is also vintage Durant.


He didn't publicize his donation or release a statement. He just opened his wallet to the city he represents, to the family he loves in hopes of making a difference.

Durant could have stopped at tweeting his support. Urging others to dole out their hard-earned money could have been considered enough.


For Durant, it wasn't. He put his money where his Twitter handle was. He implored everyone to pitch in $10 and then ponied up $1 million of his own.

                (Scott Halleran / Getty Images)

This is why we love Durant, why we adore him. He's there when it counts—even when he's not on the court. 


  1. We nid more Durrants in our sport

  2. hes the true MVP

  3. Heal the world, make it a better place.. Tanx Durrant!

  4. i officiali 4giv u for what u did 2 Nigeria @ the olympics

  5. yeah itunu u tuk d word outta my mouth.. with people like durrant around.... THERE IS HOPE