Friday, 17 May 2013

Maradona pictured in furious bust-up with photographers after 'throwing stones and kicking them

Not happy: Diego Maradona, left, smoking a cigar, was unimpressed with the photographers following him
Diego Maradona appeared to be involved in a bust-up with photographers covering his arrival in Buenos Aires. The Argentine legend travelled to the country to meet his three-month-old son Diego Fernando, whom he had with former girlfriend Veronica Ojeda, but was not happy with the attention.

Get lost: The Argentina legend is alleged to have thrown stones at them
Face off: Maradona squared up to this unfortunate photographer
He allegedly threw stones at them to try and get the snappers and news crews to disperse, but when that did not work he appeared to kick out.

Ex: Maradona with his former girlfriend Veronica Ojeda, whom he has a child with
Booted: Maradona appeared to kick this photographer in the leg
Maradona, 52, currently living in Dubai despite being sacked by Al Wasl last year, was with his 22-year-old girlfriend Rocio Oliva.

A photographer told La Red Radio: 'On the way, in heavy rain, Maradona made the car stop, got out with a Havana cigar in his hand, took some stones from the edge of the highway and started throwing them at reporters’ cars and kicked a photographer’s leg.'

Kicking off: Maradona got out of his car to remonstrate with snappers      

He was also accused of fighting with a passenger who had offered him a diet supplement.

Nicolas Infantidis asked a steward to take some over to Maradona on the aeroplane and upon landing revealed to the icon that it was him who had sent them.

Airport security dived in to calm things down after Maradona grabbed his fellow passenger.

Maradona's spokesman told The Sun: 'Diego's is experiencing some personal problems at the moment and I hope he will soon be able to resolve them in a favorable way.'


  1. lool.. yeah dis cameramen cud be in a ass mhen. buh maradona shud be used 2 it, after over 30 years in the limelight

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