Friday, 10 May 2013

Mario Balotelli turns Ferrari to Kart!

Crazy Mario Balotelli has taken his new £200,000 white Ferrari for a spin on a go kart track.

Balotelli, 22, is well known for his love of karting but is forbidden by his contract with AC Milan to drive the mini karts because of injury. However to get his va va voom, bosses at the track allowed him to take the gleaming Ferrari 450 out for a few circuits of the high speed circuit.

Thrill seeker: Mario Balotelli remains the most unpredictable player in the world

The former Manchester City star turned up at the Pala K karting complex on the outskirts of Milan with a group of pals - with former girlfriend Fanny Neguesha nowhere in sight.  But then again he did buy the top of the range sports car to console himself after he split from her last week - despite claiming she 'was the one'. (HERE)

He spent almost an hour at the club speeding through the curves and chicanes of the 600 metre track in his Ferrari as his pals cheered him on from the stands before they went for a bite to eat.
Balotelli, who had a go kart track built in the garden of his Cheshire home when he was at City, is a regular at the Pala K centre and would often turn up even while living in England.

Regular visitor: Italy striker Balotelli is familiar with Pala K owner Joe Ghiringhelli
Pala K owner Joe Ghiringhelli said: 'Mario loves coming here but he's not allowed to race the karts because of his AC Milan contract - they are worried he may injure himself.
'I must say though that we have never had any accidents here so I'm going to write to AC Milan and tell them they have no need to worry about the players using the karts.

'Mario is a regular visitor here and would come over even when he was playing in England - he loves the karts and driving although he said he could never get used to driving in England because over there they drive on the other side of the road.
Balling on pitch: The striker has impressed since his January transfer to Milan
Balling off pitch: Balotelli's Ferrari 450 cost him £200,000
'We let him take his new Ferrari out on the track and he was roaring around laughing and having fun. Fanny was no where to be seen but as we all know Mario is a bit of a shooter and won't be too worried about her, he will be with someone new before you know it.'

His visit to the track came ahead of AC Milan's 4-0 win over Pescara with Balotelli bagging a brace taking his tally to 11 goals in as many games - City boss Roberto Mancini must be wondering why he couldn't produce that form in the Premier League.


  1. lool.. he sha knows ow to bend the rules

  2. when ur big ur big... Balo just cant get his ass off the headlines