Friday, 10 May 2013

'Old' Athletes Who Are Still More Athletic Than You

There aren't too many people we know that really like announcing that they're getting older. For whatever reason, the fear of losing some hair or watching it turn gray terrifies folks. But just because the digits keep increasing doesn't necessarily mean one has to feel their age.

Sportunes will be shinning light on these "old" athletes who continue to prove that age is nothing but a number, and their careers can stand the test of time.
I call them Arugbo Ojo (Ancient of days).. lol

Eric 'Buttermnan' Esch

Eric Scott Esch born August 3, 1966 is an American heavyweight boxer, kickboxer, professional wrestler and mixed martial artist commonly referred to as Butterbean.


To all you Abs-centric guys who spend hours in the gym to try and be ripped, Butterbean proves why one doesn't have to be cut-up to kick ass.


Not only is the former IBA Super-Heavyweight Champion absolutely gigantic, but at 46-years-old, he would still absolutely put anyone he wants to to shame.

He may not beat any of us in a foot race, but if he ever did catch up, he'd have the skill to knock us out with one blow.



  1. If dis one descends on sombodi ehn.. #LOBATAN

  2. Lol.. Hes the real Arugbo Ojo

  3. Guy speak for ursef. its u dat hes goin to knock down