Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Shame on Bassong: The Cameroonian is caught posing with a gun in his garden

                          Foolish: Sebastien Bassong posed with this gun

Norwich City defender Sebastien Bassong has posed with a gun and posted the controversial pictures on his Instagram account.

In one picture the 26-year-old holds the pistol in a firing position, while in the second he looks to be blowing down the barrel as if he has set off the firearm.

                   Trigger man: Bassong posed with the gun in what he described as a 'garden shooting session'

The former Newcastle and Tottenham player captioned the pictures on his account as a ‘garden shooting session’ and claimed he was practicing for the security of his daughter Elyah, according to The Sun.
A spokesman for the club claimed the gun was not real but a replica and the player took the images off his account

Repented: Bassong deleted the photos from his account and apologised
Sebastien Bassong

A Swansea supporter was arrested and accused of allegedly racially abusing Bassong earlier this season by making a monkey gesture at him.

It is not the first time a Premier League footballer has been caught apparently posing with weapons. 

                                      Really? Nile Ranger poses with a gun

Two years ago, Newcastle striker Nile Ranger sparked outrage after he was pictured posing as a ‘gangster’ holding a chrome gun.

The 20-year-old was instantly questioned by the Barclays Premier League club who revealed the former London gang member expressed ‘regret’ over the photograph which has been meet with widespread dismay.

At the time Mothers Against Violence campaigner Patsy McKie, whose son was shot dead in Manchester, said: ‘Footballers are an example to young boys. He probably thought this was a bit of fun, but guns tear people’s lives apart.’

Ranger, an England Under 19 international, was pictured with the firearm - said to be a replica - before a night out with his friends.

The forward from north London had vowed to reform his ways having spent an 11-week period inside a young persons institute as 15-year-old over a mugging.

Speaking previously about his experience, he said: ‘I started running with a gang. We were convicted of street robbery in Muswell Hill. There was a weapon but we didn’t use it.

‘Jail was pretty rough but it taught me a lot. The most important thing I learned is that I never want to go back.

‘Coming up to Newcastle has completely changed my life.’


  1. Yea shame on him.. hes meant to be an ambassador 2 African kids!

  2. too much money causes irrational behavior

  3. if hes unfortunate 2 av a gf.. she shud run now! cos nucca can go all pistorius on her