Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sports Jokes that arent funny any more

For a while, when athletes create spectacular records, make fool of themselves or go to prisons nobody can stop talking about them. They make the headlines on Complete sports, Channels, CNN, Sportunes, everything else you might see, hear or click on.

From generation to generation the stories will be remixed, repackaged and redistributed so when our children are growing up, we can mess up with their juvenile and innocent minds.

From time to time, i will be telling you guys some of the sports stories i was told while growing up that are no longer funny... and he that hasnt believed any Fa-boo in his/her life should cast the first stone.

                            Tesilimi Balogun

 Thunder Balogun was born Tesilimi Balogun, he was a prolific goal scorer for Nigeria, He had a ferocious left foot that his shots would always go in as goal because goalkeepers were too scared to attempt to stop them. It got to a point the Nigerian government bought his left leg; actually paid for it to stop him from using it in games and that was how sanity prevailed in Nigerian football as Balogun could only use his left leg for walking, running and making passes on the pitch but he could not shoot with it.

However, in the FA Cup final of 1949, it happened that Thunder’s brother was in goal for his opponent on the day.

They argued at home and Thunder was told by his younger brother that he would not score in the final.
Legend has it that Thunder Balogun warned his younger brother against playing in the match against him but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

In the game proper, the opposition was tough for Thunder Balogun’s side as his younger brother saved every ball that came his way.

The game was heading for a stalemate when in the 88th minute Thunder Balogun received a pass at the center circle.

He beat two players as he advanced and then looked up at goal.

Immediately his wife behind the post screamed out, “THUNDER BALOGUN USE YOUR LEFT!” Immediately, Balogun released a rocket of a shot that his brother tried to save but it tore a hole in his stomach, destroyed the net, killed his wife behind the post and was only stopped by the third mainland bridge behind the Onikan Stadium.

In fact legend has it that until this day, the blood stains from the slain goalkeeper can be seen on the posts at the Onkan Stadium while cracks on the bridge indicate the portion that stopped the ball in its tracks.

Thunder lost his wife and brother that day and the grief was too much for him to bear so he quit football even though he eventually won the FA Cup.'


  1. lool... Itunu dnt tell me u aktuali believed this

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