Monday, 6 May 2013

The Best And Worst Dressed Players In The NBA

Over the past couple of seasons, NBA players have gone a little crazy with their fashion. Patterned shirts and lenseless glasses are all the rage among players like Russell Westbrook, but there are still a few guys who dress with a classic style.

Guys like Kobe, Deron Williams, and Tony Parker keep it fresh in classic suits and they are the true best dressed players in the NBA. But on the other side of that, some of the players either have way too much going on, or just look like slobs.
BEST: Deron Williams of the Brooklyn Nets keeps it simple

WORST: Tim Duncan of the Spurs is stuck in the '90s, or something

BEST: Steve Nash of the Lakers goes for the classic look


WORST: Joakim Noah of the Bulls always looks like a mess


BEST: Kobe Bryant of the Lakers looks sharp in all black

WORST: Dwight Howard of the Lakers just has too much going on


BEST: Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs might have no MVP but he certainly dresses like an MVP


WORST: LeBron James of the Miami heats doesn't dress like one with 4 MVP's
BEST: Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics keeps it plain and simple

WORST: Presenting Nick Young of the 76ers without comment


BEST: Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat usually looks really sharp


WORST: But he also often wears these glasses... we'll let it slide


BEST: Chris Paul of the Clippers rocks the blazer with jeans look


BEST: And his son CP4 is a little fashionisto too


WORST: There was a time when Carmelo Anthony dressed well, but he's taken this crazy fashion trend too far


BEST: Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has looked good on the bench all season...

WORST: Tyson Chandler of the Knicks is just all over the place with his style

BEST: Amar'e Stoudemire of the NY Knicks puts just enough quirkiness into his style

WORST: Andrew Bynum of the 76ers is just weird

BEST: He's not a player but Heat coach Erik Spoelstra always looks great on the sidelines


WORST: Brandon Jennings of the Bucks hasn't quite got the hipster look down

HONORABLE MENTION: When it came to Russell Westbrook we couldn't put him in either category


Westbrook dresses pretty crazy...

But we give him props, and respect his style.



  1. lool.. this is too funny

  2. Derreck rose baba!.. itunu dressing in suit is the onli best thin 4 u abi

  3. Tim Duncan tho... baba no wan old

  4. Guy wat dyu knw about fashion.. just stick to ur sport

  5. Itunu u be fashion MOPO abi