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Michel Platini
Michel Platini gladly rejects the Goal Line Technology
Micheal Platini is the most important man In European football and he’s the lone ranger blocking Goal line technology from coming into Europe. The French man has reiterated many times his insubordination for the technology, with critics dubbing him as Techno-phobic.

"It is not a question of goal-line technology, it is a question of technology. Where do you begin with the technology and where do you end with the technology? Technology is helpful but we have to draw the lines on certain things," the UEFA president told reporters.

For the 52 year old, it might be deeper than just being a Technophobe;

"To put goal-line technology in our competitions would cost €50 million in five years. I prefer to give €50m to the grassroots and development in football rather than to put €50m into technology for perhaps one or two goals per year. That's a lot of money per goal.

"We supported the additional referees which are now accepted by the international board, and with the referee one metre from the line I think if he has good glasses he can see if the ball is inside the goal or outside."

But you all can call him whatever name you like, in my own opinion Goal line technology should have no place in our beautiful game.

GoalControl: Cameras, goals, balls - you get the drill
FIFA Has embraced the GLT
Poco a Poco, the GLT is carving a niche for itself in football, its been used in a couple of FIFA organized tournaments most especially the 2012 FIFA world club cup and the 2013 FIFA confederations cup.

It must be highlighted that in the two glamorous tourneys, there was no such moment that would have left fans pondering if the round leather crossed the line or not. So therefore the technology used in Japan and Brazil was a waste.

Despite the fact that i feel the technology would undermine the referees’ authority, i'm also convinced it will cause more delays — Albeit, lengthy stoppages around bookings and after fouls already, and such delays would in any case add to rather than subtract from the drama.

Who needs the Hawk-Eye? Ukraine's Sergiy Stakhovsky takes a picture with his smart phone after contesting the decision of the umpire
The French Open is all about drama
This technology would impact on the human element of the game and remove the enjoyment of debating mistakes. Let's take Tennis for instance, My favorite Grand Slam of the year is the French Open, why? It's the only slam that doesnt make use of the hawk - eye. Hence the clay-slam leaves us with an ocean of memories to sail on, But talk about Wimbledon, Aussie open and the US open.. We remember absolutely nothing about them.

FIFA Boss Joseph Sepp Blatter used to share my opinion when he was still in the light:

“I am in favour of putting the whole thing on ice. We have to live with errors. Football has to keep its human face.”

Tests: The Hawk-Eye technology was experimented with at Southampton's St Mary's Stadium
Sony to make millions of pounds from the GLT
I’m deeply suspicious of corporate involvement in the laws of football. As expected the English Premier league has adopted the Hawk - Eye system and it has cost each EPL club £250,000 to install the necessary cameras and the clubs must dish out thousands of pounds to operate the system every game. While I accept that it is entirely likely that future injustices 'will be prevented' thanks to Hawk-Eye I can’t shake the feeling that the real winners are Sony, who own Hawk-Eye.

The financial implications should also be emphasized on. Earlier, I talked about GLT being introduced in the world club cup and confed cup, Well, FIFA spent close to a million dollars on the wasteful system.... that’s about 150 million Naira down the drain. If that money was poured into Pepsi Academy here in Lagos, may be proprietor Kashimawo Laloko would have given us more Mikel Obi's.

Moving on from the Confed cup, FIFA has retained the services of German system GoalControl-4D for next year's world cup. GoalControl costs $267,000 per stadium to install, and $4,000 per match to operate. Twelve stadiums are to host the one month festivities and if my mathematics is correct, that's over $3 million to be wasted!!!!... I rest my case 

FIFA should stop casting pearls before swines, they need to get their priorities right, go back to the drawing board and really ask them selves if this Goal Line Technology is really worth it.

 I believe that the consequences of the occasional mistakes made by referees and their assistants, while frustrating at the time, are over exaggerated by a broadcast media especially the English media.

Heartbreak for England: but FIFA oppose goal-line technology
Frank Lampard's disallowed goal gave birth to GLT
Fifa dropped its long-standing opposition to the introduction of GLT in 2010 following Frank Lampard's disallowed goal against Germany at the World Cup in South Africa. His shot hit the bar and bounced down over the line, but a goal was not given by officials.The way the English press painted the picture, one would think that was the world cup winning goal in a GLT era.

Sepp Blatter apologised to the English Football Association (FA) after the incident and hence the birth of Goal Line Technology:

Joseph Sepp Blatter
Joseph Sepp Blatter expresses shock at Lampard's disallowed goal
 "For me as Fifa president it became evident the moment what happened in South Africa in 2010. I have to say 'thank you, Lampard'. I was completely down in South Africa when I saw that it really shocked me, it took me a day to react."

So if tomorrow, Wayne Rooney or any of the 3 Lions score a legit goal, only to be wrongly ruled out for offside, Guess what, Offside line technology???.

Michel Platini says: “It’s not goal-line technology in itself,  I am against technology coming into force to actually make decisions.”

“If tomorrow someone handballs it on the line and the referee doesn’t see it, what then?. We can’t just have goal-line technology. We also need sensors to see if someone has handballed it.”

 Imagine a terrifying scenario where a game of football gets stopped at every turn, I cant deal!!

But, The head of the World football governing body Blatter has insisted, however, that there would be no move to introduce any video replays or other technology to rule on decisions such as offsides, fouls or diving. He said: "Other than the goalline technology, football must preserve its human face." 

Sunday Oliseh in tears as he faces wrath of Goal line injustice
Kanu, Inconsolable
Many of you may think my opinion on the hi-tech will change once i get my own share of Goal line injustice. Well, February 13 2000 still lingers in my memory. Just like many of you, I was routing for a Victor Ikpeba goal in that infamous shoot out against Cameroon. But when Referee Mouraad Dammie blew No Goal after the ball had clearly crossed the line, Me and other sixty thousand Patriotic Lagosians present at the National stadium Surulere on that Dark Sunday felt the whole earth quaking on our heads. 

Trust me, I'm just like any of you, I am an absolute fan of justice. I don't think its okay for an athlete to have worked hard all year just to get to the spotlight, only to be denied by human error.

But Human error should have Human solutions, FIFA can draw a Plan A from UEFA competitions, where additional referees are stationed at each side of the goal. Fortunately and unfortunately for FIFA, If plan A doesn't meet up to standard, they still have 25 other alphabets to work with...  If after all said and done, a valid goal still wont be spotted, then C'est La Vie.



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