Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fan gets stadium tattooed onto his head

There are several ways to show loyalty to your favorite team, but none make a stronger or more permanent statement than a tattoo bearing the team's logo or a likeness representing a key moment or milestone.

That's the route diehard Los Angeles Dodgers fan Jose Romero decided to go, though he was certainly a little bolder and more creative about his ink.

If you're going to display your loyalty proudly on the side of your head, it better turn out well. Thankfully for Mr. Romero, that is an absolutely perfect likeness of Dodger Stadium.

It definitely looks permanent, too, so he should have no problem taking a celebratory swim if the Dodgers go all the way in October.

Of course we've seen several examples of this extreme version of loyalty in the past. Like Romero's case, the tribute usually ends up going as planned and maybe even better than planned, but we've also seen our share of backfires.

Who could forget the Liverpool fan who spelled Kolo Toure's name wrong?

It's a fine line to walk and a big commitment to make, so it's probably a good idea to wait until you know without any doubt that it's the absolute best decision.

We hope Jose won't end up regretting his decision.

 Yahoo Sports


  1. Lool.. this 1's head canneva be corrrect

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