Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ronaldinho Finally Has Corrective Surgery On His Teeth (PHOTO)

Ronaldinho has an encyclopedia of Nigerian names - Eyinlabi, Eyingoke, Eyindinho, Eyin goes to school; with the west African country capitalizing on his challenging dental situation over the years. But all those names will not survive another day, as It was reported last month that the World Cup winner had undergone surgery on his teeth, with pictures of the procedure have been published today. The procedure was carried out at an orthodontic clinic in Brazil at a cost believed to be around £36,000.

But really, did Ronaldinho spend close to ten million naira just to silence Nigerians?


  1. dont say Nigerians.. na yorubasss. mumu

  2. Smh! does he even knw u guyz