Thursday, 31 October 2013

Diego Maradona In Tears As He Curses On Sergio Aguero

Happier times: Maradona with Aguero and his grandson Benjamin watching a game

Yesterday was Diego Maradona's 53rd birthday and the Argentine legend used the moment to address an issue that has saddened his heart  as he hit out at his former son-in-law, Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero.

Aguero split from his wife Giannina, who is Maradona’s daughter, earlier this year after a four year marriage in which they had one son, Benjamin. Giannina now lives in Madrid with their son, but it seems that ‘El Diego’ is in no mood to forgive the Man City star.

“He’s a wimp, who I don’t even want to name,” Maradona told Argentine radio.

“I spoke to Benjamin on Skype two days ago and he said to me: ‘Grandpa if I don’t see you, happy birthday’. I began to cry.”

On any possible future legal battles that his daughter might face, Maradona was also in no mood to back down.

“In my daughter’s next meeting with a lawyer, I want to be by her side. We’ll see who can talk,” he said. “The next time I want to be there to see if he (Aguero) says anything.”

Maradona need not cry or worry about Lil Benjamin, the kid is destined for greatness, he has no choice than to be a star. Talk about omens; He currently resides in Madrid - a city that houses the greatest football club in the world, his father is Kun Aguero who is one of the best strikers in the world, Grandfather - Diego Maradona who is legend personified and his godfather Lionel Messi absolutely needs no introduction. It can only get better and better for Ben Baby.

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