Sunday, 27 October 2013

Forca Tito! Barcelona pay ElClasico Tribute to Tito Vilanova

Barcelona promised to pay an Elclasico tribute to their immediate past coach Tito Vilanova who is fighting cancer. The plan was for some section of the 98 thousand fans in the Camp Nou to hold aloft coloured cards to turn the stadium into a giant mosaic set against a message that will read ‘Forca Tito!’ , as shown above.

Honestly when i was reporting the story (HERE),  I thought the Catalunya people were just dreaming, but that dream came to reality just before yesterday's El Clasico as the fans participated in the incredible stadium-wide card stunt to honor their wonderful servant.

The words "For├ža Tito!" (Catalan for "strength Tito") stretched along half the stands. The yellow and red of the Catalan flag draped the sections of stands behind the goals.

They say when the fight is against cancer, there is only one winner.. We at Sportunes can only hope Vilano receives strength from this beautiful show as he hopes to defy statistics and fight the greatest battle of his life.. Animo Tito!


  1. Awwww.. Itunu nice tribute from u.. when the fight is against cancer, there's only one winner.. more often than not, its always cancer.. as an appreciative Barca fan, i can onli hope u beat the odds TITO