Sunday, 20 October 2013

Jack Wilshere’s WONDER Goal vs Norwich

Jack Wilshere’s goal includes two back-heels, three one-twos, four first-time passes and a volleyed finish. Needs a few replays to take in.

Watch this mesmerizing goal, and I’d bet that you can watch this all day long!

“Seven passes, two seconds, one goal and Arsenal had the Emirates on its feet.
A tiki-taka delight made partly in Spain, but with telling contributions from Alpine France and, erm, Stevenage.” – The Mirror

“It was the kind of goal which a good side might try on a practice pitch when the mood is light and the session is ending.
Arsenal are the only team in the country who could conceive and execute such a glorious adventure and Norwich looked on in wonder, along with the rest of us.” – The Daily Mail

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger : "[Jack Wilshere’s goal] was certainly one of the best [Arsenal] goals, one that I enjoyed the most as well because it was a team goal. It was a great goal. I think we have scored some good goals this season already. All the goals were great, but the first was exceptional because it was improvised, combination play."

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