Friday, 18 October 2013


Thank God Its Friday!! Ordinarily all workers should call it a week, but that's not so for most of our professional athletes as this is actually the beginning of their week. All through weekends they are found running up and down the length of fields, Swinging golf balls, Dunking those baskets, going on some tennis rallies, Driving all over the race circuits.... After the final whistle blows, they go to the Bank to cash their cheques and they start doing things ordinary men dont do.

From week to week Sportunes will be bringing you the 'Jaye Jaye' of our Sport.

Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha (NANI)


Nani is a Portuguese and Manchester United player that recently cajoled the Red devils  into giving him a
100k + POUNDS a week contract, the deal will run until 2018 and it's been signed, sealed and delivered. Here's how he spend's the millions.

top football players of euro 2012 car 013

Arriving in style: Daniela gets into Nani's car as they leave the club

Second entry: Nani has two cars in the top 10 with his Chevrolet

Smooth: Nani's Lamborghini is pictured strolling into Carrington

Living it up: Last week the pair partied with Drake after watching the NBA final

Can't keep their hands off each other: Daniela was seen pushing her man into the water as they splashed around in the sea


  1. Itunuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu wher av u bn na

  2. Om so Ronaldo is his besty.. badman thins

  3. gud to av u guyz back

  4. Ferrari Gallado!!!!!!! omo Jaye Jaye

  5. Itunu na u be tax collector abi? this 1 u know ow much he's collectin