Monday, 28 October 2013

Sebastian Vettel Reprimanded and Fined in India

For the crowd: Sebastian Vettel does some awesome (very naughty) doughnuts for the Indian crowd

Sebastian Vettel made history in India yesterday by becoming the youngest driver in Formula 1 history to win four consecutive championships (HERE). An overwhelmed Vettel delighted the crowd at the Buddh International Circuit by pulling off a series of doughnuts on the start-finish straight, producing vast clouds of thick, grey smoke and earning himself a standing ovation. A move which the 26 year old said he had to do even though it was a breach of safety regulations;

Take a bow: Vettel pays tribute to the crowd in India, and then the car which brought his fourth title

Jumping for joy: Vettel launches his gloves into the crowd after securing first place

'When my engineer called for the usual procedure to go to parc ferme and park the car, I said to myself I don’t care. I am going to the crowd at the main grandstand to have some fun there, which I enjoyed a lot. I had to do it - usually we're not allowed to, but it felt so right at that time.'

Vettel has however been reprimanded and his Red Bull team inevitably fined £21,000 after they were deemed to have breached Article 43.3 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations as he failed to proceed directly from the circuit to the post-race parc ferme without delay.

The official communique read: ‘The stewards, having received a report from the race director, heard from the driver and the team representative, examined video/audio evidence, have considered the following matter, and determine a breach of the regulations has been committed.’

‘Due to the special circumstance the Stewards accepted the explanation of the driver. The team failed to instruct the driver sufficiently to return directly to post race parc ferme.’

Winning combo: Team principal Christian Horner (right) says the doughnuts were 'great for the show'

Speaking before the punishment was dished out, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said: ‘I would be disappointed if he did [get punished] because to win a world championship and to show a bit of exuberance in front of a crowd like that, it is great for Formula One.

‘It is great for the show - and it will be a great pity to see that kind of thing subdued or penalised.’

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