Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Arsenal fan loses his HOUSE after betting on Manchester United match

Tense battle: RvP scored the only goal in the match

A staunch Arsenal fan in Iganga District in Eastern Uganda is searching for a new home for his family after losing his house in a bet over a game between Arsenal and Manchester United.

Before the two heavyweights faced off on Sunday in the league, Henry Dhabasani staked his two-roomed house in a bet with a one Rashid Yiga that Arsenal would win the game, the Observer – a Ugandan newspaper reports.

On his part, Yiga staked his new Toyota Premio car and his wife that Manchester United would win.

“The two put their stake in writing, with local leaders and fans witnessing the deed,” the paper further reports.

Dhabasani, married to three wives with five children, fainted at the end of the match on realizing Arsenal had lost the game 1–0.

On Monday, several Manchester United fans stormed Dhabasani’s home and threw him and his family out.

Is this the craziest bet of all time?


  1. lool.. mumu na him the guy be

  2. but wait o, assuming Arsenal won.. that's how that foolish manu fan wld av bcom wifeless. shey the woman too will now pack her yansh n her breast to bcome another stupid mans 4th wife ni? i still cant belive dis

  3. This is Hilarious!!

  4. Haba 3 wives and 5 children!!! Mr Yiga pls av mercy o

  5. yeeepa. beeing foolish should be a crime o.. and dis kind of foolishness shud atlist bag him a life sentence

  6. yeah! If the story is true, its unarguably the craziest bet of all time.. the only shii that can beat it, is if the Man U fan lost the bet

  7. i guesss Arsenal and its fans are all learners