Thursday, 28 November 2013

Arsenal Goalie Wojciech Szczesny Suffers Severe Racial Abuse On Facebook

Polish and Arsenal goalie Wojciech Szczesny has suffered severe racial abuse on Facebook, the 23 year old was called a Polish immigrant cunt and told to fuck off to his third war country by one Colin Ryan... Rather than going to the police to file a report, Szczesny gave the onus to any of his 600 000 followers as he publicly put the online troll to shame.

0002ME79E6LIREMX C116 F4 Arsenal goalie Wojciech Szczesny outs an abusive and racist troll on Facebook

See me thinking it's only black people that suffer racial abuse.

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  1. It's not racist abuse, it's abuse, and no less serious. This is abuse on his ethnicity.