Friday, 15 November 2013

Berahino harshly booked, condemned by his coach, as he paid emotional tribute to his dad

Mr Message: Saido Berahino celebrates and pays tribute to his late father after doubling England's lead

Last night, Saido Berahino paid tribute to his father after his brace helped England Under-21s to a comprehensive win against Finland.

The 20-year-old's father was one of the estimated 300,000 killed in the civil war that plagued Burundi, leading him to leave the war-torn capital of Bujumbura with his mother, brother and sisters a decade ago. His family were granted political asylum in Birmingham, and he signed for the West Bromwich Albion Centre of Excellence in 2004 at under-12 level.. He progressed through the youth system of the Baggies and has gone on to become a stalwart at the Hawthorns.

So on the 37th minute mark, when he got on the score-sheet for the young Lions, he deemed it fit to pay an emotional tribute to his hero. A decision which earned him a harsh yellow card and disapproval from the England coach. Gareth Southgate said after the game: ' It was a personal thing but had we known we'd not have let him go out with it on his shirt.'


  1. such a gorgeous child.. i forsee a shining glory in this lad

  2. The yellow wasnt harsh, nobody is above the law Regardless!

  3. Mr Reporter, stop making Southgate look like a bad man.. u refused to tell us that the yellow card will earn him a suspension from the next game... which coach will be okay wit losing his best player?

  4. Rip to ur Dad... the ref and coach might castigate u, but im sure ur Dad will be very proud of u