Monday, 25 November 2013

Carlo Ancelotti Reminisces On The Day He Tried To Kill A Player At Chelsea

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti is not so much of a gentleman that we all think he is, in fact he's so much of an ungentle man that he can murder. Ancelotti who spent two glorious years at Chelsea revealed today that he once tried to kill his player because he didn't show respect when he was in the west London club.

'We've never had any problems with the players, just one time at Chelsea. One player didn't show respect and I tried to kill him but it wasn't possible,' he told The Times.

'The player is the property of the club and sometimes you cannot do what you want.'

But this one he's hiding the identity of the player, i don't understand.. I think i knw the person though.


  1. Itunu who dyu av in mind?

  2. hahaha.. its no other person than John Terry, he probli slept with his wife