Thursday, 21 November 2013

Floyd Mayweather Showoffs his Flamboyant Toys Yet Again As He Reveals Secret On How To Be A Millionaire

Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid athlete in the world, and he keeps nailing that fact into our skull as the American boxer wont stop feeding our eyes with all the good things of life on his instagram page.. Today he gave us a pic of his flamboyant lifestyle where he's seen chilling with Arab money, his private jet and cars that look like This time around his instaphoto came with a word of advice for we aspiring billionaires;

 "I don't know how many Passports & Visas I've ran thru, but I do know the cars are foreign, the jets are private and the style is international. Don't limit yourself to typical ways of thinking. When I look around domestically, everybody looks the same. Monkey see, monkey do. Step outside the box !"

Step Outside The Box!


  1. Isit not money u will use to step outside the box

  2. Yea! u nid money money to survive outside the box

  3. he sha likes to rub his riches on our faces, now hes callin us monkeys.. issorai