Saturday, 23 November 2013

Francesc Fabregas Purchases His Own X Box One

Shortly after Zlatan Ibrahimovic dashed all his PSG teammates the just released X Box One (HERE), Barcelona ace Francesc Fabregas refused to be intimidated as he also purchased one for himself.

Fabregas gave us a picture on his instagram page where he was seen posing with the console that has an introductory price of £429 (110,000 Naira).. But it seems the Spaniard got his own free of charge as he captioned the pic: 'Thank you #XBoxOne'

PSG players still have the bragging rights tho, they got the Ibracadabra limited edition of the console.


  1. Itunu did they tell u they r doing competition?

  2. isit out in Nigeria?