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Golden Eaglets Triumph: A story of cheats,liars and bullies.

Record: Golden Eaglets soared to their fourth World Cup title
Nigeria once again won the FIFA U-17 World Cup to make it a record four times and bring much needed joy to a nation devoid of anything to celebrate these days. A huge feat achieved that was carried out by absolutely 'brilliant' players who showed there is indeed footballing talent in our great country. The Eaglets swept all before them convincing displays and ‘maturity’ way above their age. They scored a total of 26 goals, 6 of which were scored by the impressive Kelechi Iheanacho. While the country celebrates their triumph, i'm a bit irritated and sad ( yes sad!!!) because i know they didn't deserve their triumph because they cheated their way to the top and bullied honest countries out of the way. Its been a scourge that has affected our football since forever and simply does not pay off in the long run. Before you readers bite my head off, i'll give my reasons why i'm disgusted with the Golden Eaglets.

First things first,how did these guys pass the MRI test? FIFA claim they run tests on all participating players to determine their ages but apparently that test was waste of time. I can only draw two conclusions; 1. The MRI scan doesnt work. 2. Our boys used Juju to beat the machine. Because seriously i dont need a machine to tell me those guys are not less than 23-25 years and that's giving them the benefit of the doubt.According to FIFA records, the likes of Iheanacho, Success Isaac, Abdullahi Alfa are just 17 while other players like Habib Makanjuola, Abulazzez Abubakar are the youngest at just 14. My God are FIFA dumb or what? Iheanacho 17? Its freaking hilarious!!!

Golden Boy: Ihenacho was the best player in UAE
Someone pointed out that their jerseys are bigger than them hence they have to be young. I debunked it with a simple explanation; they are simply malnourished. Rooney looked 22 when he was 17 because he fed well. Im not saying only Nigeria cheats. All African countries cheat while i raised my eyebrows at the South American players who looked rather old. The Europeans in my opinion looked really young especially the Russians and the Swedes. Some say u cant judge someone's age by their face but believe me if u line up 10 people, i can give an accurate age range of at least 8. My age range for these Eaglets...... well lets just move on. No wonder by the time these guys play the U-20 tournament, they flunk out simply because their real age has caught up with them and cant play at that level. Its easy to bully a 17 year old or younger. Its not if u dealing with a 20 year old.

After an Under 17 game in 1999, on the back of walloping the Japanese 9-0, the Japan coach Philippe Troussier said he saw one of the Nigerian U 17 players enter a taxi with his “wife and two children” Its time we stopped deceiving ourselves and get real.

Faded Out: Chrisantus Macauley won the golden boot in 2007 but has struggled since then
My biggest problem is the longevity of these 'world beaters'. How many of these players shine at these competitions but fizzle out 2 years later? Where are the likes of Chrisantus Macauley,Ganiyu Oseni, King Osanga who all rocked South Korea 2007? These guys should be 23 years or so yet they seem to have vanished off the face of earth. The likes of Rafeal, Danny Welbeck, Danny Rose, Victor Moses, David De Gea, Asier Illaramendi all played that tourmamet and today line up for the top teams in Europe.There is a minute number of these players that make the Super Eagles like Kanu Nwankwo, Victor Ikpeba, Wilson Oruma, Celestine Babayaro who somehow managed to line up for the senior team. I can bet that the current
crop of Eaglets will never make the national based on recent history and lets face it no European club wants to buy a 30 year old claimig to be 18. So where do they end up? Obscure soccer coutries like Singapore, Finland or India. Its damaging our football but everyone seems to be okay with cheating and win at all cost attitude even if it means lining up 25 year olds to bully innocent teenagers.

Im a big admirer of the system set up by the Europeans. The German team is currently made up of players who represented the junior teams and worked their way up to the senior team.

Former Real team-mates: Ozil and Sami Khedira previously had an effective partnership at The Bernabeu
Sami Khedira and Mesut Ozil came throuh the youth system
Mesut Ozil, Manuel Neuer, Sami Khedira, Mats Hummmels, Marcel Scmelzer, Jerome Boateng were all part of triumphant UEFA U21 Championship in 2009. Many of those players went on to play at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa just a year later. That is a country that is serious about football and not just interested in winning so that the the government can give the lands and cars. Spain is another brillaint example who are known for their youth system.

Basically all their senior players at one time played for the junior teams and if i remember correctly the likes of Xavi and Casillas came to Nigeria in 1999.They are fit as fiddle and still play football at the two biggest clubs in the world. Toni Kroos, Haris Seferovic,

Granit Xhaka, Isco, Mario Gotze, Neymar, Pablo Sarabia were all present at the 2009 U-17 World Cup in Nigeria and now play for the senior national team. Before i continue rambling,

Buffon and Totti are still making headlines after 20 years
Francesco Totti and Gianluigi Buffon may have finished bottom of the group with the Italian Under 17 team in Japan 93, but fastfoward 20 years, There's still no party without Totti and Buffon remains one of the best goalies in the world.

I'm sure u get my point now.

I wish these current Eaglets good luck. While i'm certain they will end up like them Chrisantus Macauley, i can only hope they prove me wrong. The debate about age cheats is getting old and over flogged so by now the NFF should know the right thing to do but i can only conclude they refuse to do it. Its winning them trophies but in the long runs wins us nothing. Shame on them and shame on Nigerians for celebrating mediocrity and cheating. It just proves we have no redeeming quality.

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  1. I know how i looked at 17 and many of those guys looked younger than me and many of my age mates. The least you can do is speak with evidence.

    You mean Habib Makanjuola who joined chelsea at 10/11 is a cheat or Iheanacho who started in the under 13 team is a cheat. Is it Chidera Ezeh that just finished high school that is the cheat or Chigozie Obasi in SS1.

    This article is disgraceful. If the NFF does something right, we should acknowledge it. Even Seasoned sports analysts have not criticized this team.

    1) This set of Eaglets is a result of long term planning that started 3 years ago with the NFF assembling a National U-13 team.

    2) Many of these guys have been together in different academies across the country since then. Some have gone out to play in Youth tournaments in SA, Europe and Asia over the years.

    3) The coaches Manu, Amunike, Ugbade and Amadi started screening 2 years ago. Many of these guys had to take leaves of absence to go for school exams, in fact, most of them just wrote the last SSCE exams.

    4) MRI tests were carried out at several stages and I can categorically say that up to 8 key players were dropped because they were on the borderline of the MRI results. Now the MRI is not an absolute test as even trialists like 16 year old Abuchi Obinwa, who was born and brought up in the USA failed the test.

    5) We need to appreciate the work the coaches have put in the team even in the face of disqualification of so many key players. We have not seen such a free scoring Nigerian side since Japan 93 which we know was populated by relatively "older" and more experienced U-17s (lol).

    6) I believe this team is a foundation for Nigerian domination of World football in the not too distant future! If they are well managed and nutured, with clubs that have a history of youth development taking most of them... then I can wager that Nigeria will win the World Cup in Qatar 2022 (8 years from now) all other things (like good administration/ adequate government backing) being equal

    7) In addition to the more visible prospect, Success, Ihenacho, Yahaya, Mohammed (capt) I would like to point out the tireless workers in the team; the 2 central defenders Zaharadin Bello and Abubakar as well as pit-bull defensive midfielder Akinjide Idowu as massive prospects in this team.

    cool I wish the team would win the cup but in-experience and youth exuberance might be critical factors. Notwithstanding, the boys are the future of Nigerian football irrespective of the outcome of this tournament.

    9) Lastly, has anyone noticed that almost every part of Nigeria is represented in this team? And before folks shout federal character policy, everyone has acquitted themselves well showing they all deserved their places! It goes to show that Nigeria's diversity is a strength we should build on to become a world super power. Let us not allow politicians divide us, together we can make Nigeria take a place of pride in the comity of nations!

    Thank you all.

    1. Just finishing or writing WASSCE does not mean you're seventeen. How good are we in Nigeria at record keeping, i think i'll let you answer that yourself. People falsify age at anytime in their life, that is not to say that it's the same with these crop of players but you CANNOT prove to me as well that they are the age they are claiming

  2. This is Thrash!!

  3. Lool... This white witch doctor sef, ow can he say he saw an under 17 player with two children

  4. We know ow our under17 look like.. these boys are not under 17 atall. and stop being superstitious, juju doesnt work in football

  5. This is quite a shameful article. Yes juju is what made them pass the MRI. Noone has to prove jack shyte to you! they passed FIFA's test! plain and simple. That is not how it works, the burden of proof is on YOU to prove they are cheating! and dont come to me with that BS about how their faces look. I mean really? I dont blame you, you are a shameless opportunist who sits behind his computer and writes sheer rubbish and casts aspersions on a bunch of kids who in one month have achieved more than you will ever achieve in your life. Where are the following non cheating Europeans and south americans who won the golden ball and/or golden shoe at u-17? florent pongolle, Julio Gomez, Borja Gonzalez. Where is the state of the entire mexican team that has been in THREE u-17 finals in the past 10 years! shouldnt they be world champions by now? the same mexico that needed the U.S. lifeline to qualify for the world cup.
    This is one of the most poorly reasoned and written article i have stumbled across on the internet. I stumbled on this while searching for something else and if is the quality of the rubbish you spew on this blog, i thank goodness i have never come across your unprofessional junk. Good luck and i pray you remain your own audience.

  6. I know you will not have the gall to publish what i wrote because you are a spineless and faceless entity on the web My response was directed at you and i am glad that you will get to read it.

    Now feel free to return to the irrelevant corner of the internet where you belong.