Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Lazio teenager Mamadou Tounkara gets a ridiculous haircut in honour of Mario Balotelli [Picture]

17-year-old Lazio player Mamadou Tounkara has stuck a photo up on Instagram of his new haircut, and the image has courted plenty of attention.

Tounkara, a Senegalese centre-forward, has shaved his head into a unique style that breaks down into a single strip of hair down the middle of his head and the number 45 etched into the side.

Tounkara’s haircut is said to be a hat-tip to AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli, who wears the number 45 for the Rossoneri.

That suggestion has caused anger amongst Lazio fans who are upset that one of their players would turn to AC Milan for a role model.

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