Friday, 22 November 2013



You guys are not going to believe the news of the hour - LIONEL MESSI IS SET TO LEAVE BARCELONA NEXT SUMMER!

Like seriously, this is the first time ever the diminutive maestro is being linked with any sort of transfer, so therefore this piece has to come from the most reliable source possible.

We are quoting a 'notorious insider' of the club - Francois Gallardo, The football agent was speaking on Spanish television show Punto Pelota when he made the sensational claim, indicating there had been a disagreement between the player and club over an agreed contract improvement.

Gallardo told the viewing public; 'In late September, just two months ago, one Barca player and his advisers met with the club. The footballer wanted a review of his contract and the Catalans promised to allow that player to do so. They agreed an increase in wages. Yet after a month, the club made ​​contact with them and explained that they could not fulfil it.

So a month ago the relationship between advisers and the club broke down. The player feels betrayed and has decided to leave at the end of the season.

The player has a verbal agreement other team, and in for February/March he will begin preparing his transfer. The decision is taken. Leo Messi will leave the club at the end of season!'

Personally i dont believe Mr Gallardo, he just loves making the headlines, and there has thus far been no substance to any of his major deals revealed in the past two years.

He insisted in 2012 that Chelsea captain John Terry could join Valencia, while Sky Sports' Francisco Acedo quotes him as negotiating a move for Didier Drogba to Barcelona in the same year—which, again, didn't happen.

I know some Barca fans must have been wondering why i called him a 'notorious insider' of the Catalan club? He just has a bad track record of linking their employees away from the club.

A fortnight ago, Gallardo informed the audience on the same show that Pedro would also be leaving the Camp Nou.

Not only did he report that Pep Guardiola had a pre-contract agreement with Manchester City, but also he insisted that Guardiola's eventual departure was linked to a desire to sell Cesc Fabregas. Can you imagine?

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