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Messi And His 360 Mins Ordeal

Not best friends: Pep Guardiola and Messi did not end on the best of terms

It seems most people have just woken up to the fact that Lionel Messi is a human being and not a footballing alien tossed from space and straight into Barce's La Masia academy. The little Argentine has for the past four to five years dominated the soccer world, swooping every cup and award in sight while also scoring a plethora of goals along the way. Barce have started the season in brilliant fashion, dropping only two points against Osasuna and beating arch rivals Real Madrid in El Clasico. So what seems to be the problem? Apparently Messi going four games without scoring is a bigger deal than the war in Syria according to La Liga standards and already journalists are having a field day, suggesting Messi is out of touch and blah blah blah.Just four games and all hell breaks loose? The dude needs a break. Jeez!!!!

Lionel Messi

The four time ballon d' or winner as we know it is a model of consistency. So consistent that i used to ponder if he was on drugs and had surgery to replace his legs with iron cause he hardly gets injured bar his recent three week injury layoff. Whether Messi is as exhausted as hell or simply not in form, people expect the very best from who people consider the greatest player ever. Can u blame them? The little genius has scored 325 goals in 395 appearances for the Blaugrana and has become their all time leading scorer. So his failure to score against city rivals Espanyol in the Catalan derby raised eyebrows and questions over his fitness, comittment and all that rubbish people come up with. Come on, its Messi we are talking about. Even if he fails to score for 10 games, there has to be some room for patience and believe me he's earned every single second of his goal scoring leave. I mean who scores over 80 goals in a year and consistently delivers over 40 goals every single season? Only a genius like Leo can and knowing how greatly talented he is, he can go on a run of scoring in every single game till the season ends. Believe me for Messi , that feat aint impossible.

Messi and company haven't lost three in a row since 2003.

Also i think he is exhausted. Maybe from football, from domestic issues, tax issues but i can see it in his eyes. This isn't the Messi of two or three years back who simply was a joy to behold on the pitch. Nowadays its like he chooses the games he performs and really cant be bothered about scoring a bucketful of goals. I cant blame him. Whats more to achieve in a league he has won so many times, scored so many goals and scooped so many awards? Barce steamroll most of their opponents and maybe the competitive edge is leaving Messi cause its like 'here we go again' when he lines up against Almeria. I guess its getting boring and a bit monotonous cause we all know Barce will win the league again. Its possible all this maybe a contributing factor in his loss of form but in my opinion there isn't any cause for alarm. Journalists do have a way of making the most minute thing seem like such a big deal. Its just four games. Four games for heavens's sake!!! What will they write if he scores a hat- trick against Milan on Wednesday? Errm...... we judged him too soon, he's still the greatest player ever liveth. Please!!!!

Barcelona v Paris St Germain - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final

On a general note, Messi isn't the only one who seems off color. Barce have looked a bit sluggish of late and their key players have failed to inspire. Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, and Fabregas have all been guilty of some mediocre displays this season. It may be that Tata Martino's tactics are a bit foreign but as i always say players need to suck it up and get with the programme. Its not like they have changed their style of play anyways. While the old guards are flunking out, Neymar has been the new darling of the Camp Nou with scintillating displays and much needed assists. I must say i wrote him off initially  (HERE) but it seems he his finally living up to his talent. Speaking of talents, Alexis Sanchez seems to have rediscovered his and alongside Neymar, the two have landed two vital important wins for the Catalans. Its good to see he's got his groove back because he has got so much potential. On a final note, the days of Messi shouldering the team seems to be drawing to a close. In Neymar they have a ready made replacemen to pick up the slack. So if Messi is on a 'vacation', let him take all the time he needs. Nobody deserves it better.

Barcelona take on AC Milan tomorrow at the Camp Nou.

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  1. Tell them bro.. Cut the nucca some slack mhen

  2. I feel he needs a new challenge, like u said everyfn is now boring to him. He's seen it all, he shud just tear a page from Valdezs book, go and try anoda culture

  3. if Ronaldo was on a four match goal leave, would you say the same?

  4. if Ronaldo was on the same 4 goal leave, would you say the same thing, Itunu?