Friday, 15 November 2013

Sergio Vulcano – The Waiter That Looks Exactly Like Rafa Benitez (PHOTOS)

Sergio Vulcano, a 47-year-old Italian waiter from Naples, has become a local celebrity this week because he looks like Rafa Benitez.

Mr. Vulcano works in a Mexico restaurant near the central bus station in Naples, and this week he was interviewed by national newspaper La Repubblica to talk about how looking like the former Liverpool and Chelsea manager is now affecting his life.

Mr. Vulcano said:

"I have know for a while that I look like [Rafa Benitez], but after the arrival of the Spanish coach on the Azzurra’s bench the requests for photographs and autographs have definitely increased.

A man once came up to me with a newspaper under his arm and asked me if I Benitez. He had been starring at me for days, and in the end he could not resist asking. Then, one morning at dawn, a police car flashed at me and a policeman shouted “ciao mister!”

You all should say the truth and put the devil to shame, If you see this waiter smartly suited, and leading the dugout in Napoli's next game, are you going to figure?


  1. shit ass look alike mahn

  2. How are we even sure they are not twins..

  3. lool @ 'say the truth and put the devil to shame'.. i'm very good with faces, it might be hard at first, buh wen the camera zooms on his face.. i will definitely figure

  4. In chemistry...we say they are enatiomers of eachother...on some mirror image flow says so

  5. In chemistry...we say that man is an enantiomer of Rafa....on some mirror image ishh...ciao mister..duke flow