Tuesday, 26 November 2013

#Thibauting Is The New Word Order! Fans Pay Homage To Chelsea Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois

Up, up and away! Thibaut Courtois has been in fine fettle for Atletico Madrid and Belgium this season

'Thibauting' is the new word order! The craze word has been designed to pay homage to the 'glorious goalkeeping' of Chelsea's Thibaut Courtois, who is on loan at Atletico Madrid.

The definition of Thibauting is: 'emulating a classic Thibaut Courtois goalkeeping save in any random location'.

A tumblr account was opened to anybody to send in their photos of themselves re-enacting classic Courtois saves in their homes, workplaces and anywhere else they fancy.

The "about" page on the tumblr account gives a thorough introduction to the craze.

It reads: 'We are Thibaut fans. You are probably a Thibaut fan. This makes us all friends.

'Friends share things, and here, we share our love for Thibaut by submitting our very own homages to the glorious goalkeeping of Thibaut Courtois.

'Thibauting is our way of saying, “Hey man, your skills are quite superior,” or “I got mad love for you, bro.”

'If you share our mad love for Thibaut, why not submit your own classic save here?'

Check out the most hilarious 'Thibauting'

The buzz fans have created emulating the Belgian goalie isn't the first time fanatic supporters have paid homage to a favourite player in this manner.

My favorite American football player Tim Tebow too has been mimicked, A wave of tributes to the New York Jets player trended on the internet in 2011 with people copying his pose in a craze that became known as "Tebowing". Supporters knelt down and bowed their heads in prayer just like the American did on the pitch during games.

The man himself: This fan found Tebow in his car before posing for a photograph

Last but not the least, We had the #Henrying which Sportunes exclusively covered (HERE).

BUjpPQsCEAA5BoT #Henrying: Memes of Arsenal & NYRB star Thierry Henry go viral [Pictures]

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