Wednesday, 6 November 2013


 Part of our mandate on this blog is to let y'all know about the delectable WAGS (Wives And Girlfriends) of your favorite Athletes... Sportunes will be a breeding ground for WAGS as these beautiful women are often scooped up by some of the worlds finest athletes. 

Many vault from being previously unknown to becoming household names as we have seen in Andy Roddick and  Brooklyn Decker. While some probably made the athletes household names like we saw in Kim n Kris. Some 'equally' shine bright like diamonds alongside their athletic spouses like Mr n Mrs Beckham.

The lifestyle of a professional athlete is stunning already so when these guys get to go home to some of the worlds most beautiful models, forgive us if we don't shed a tear for them. 

This week is dedicated to all the beautiful women that have contributed their quota in making Cristiano Ronaldo one of the best footballers of his generation.

Full List of Cristiano Ronaldo's 30 Super Hot Smoking WAGS in the Last Decade, Who among-st is your WAG of the week? 

Jordana Jardel 2002

Karina Ferro 2002 

Marina Rodriguez 2005

KariDaniele Aguiar 2005 

Isabel Figueira 2005 

Diana Chaves 2006 

Nuria Bermudez 2006 

Soraia Chaves 2006

Merche Romero 2006

Luciana Abreu 2007 

Gemma Atkinson 2007

Bipasha Basu 2007 

Karina Bacchi 2007 

Carolina Patrocinio 2007 

Lucia Garcia 2008 

Maria Sharapova 2008

Niki Ghazian 2008 

Tyese Cunningham 2008

Nereida Gallardo 2008 

Mia Judaken 2008

Imogen Thomas 2008

Letizia Filippi 2008 

Alyona Haynes 2008

Raffaella Fico 2009

Gabriela Endringer 2009 

Alice Godwin 2009

Luana Belletti 2009 

Paris Hilton 2009 

Jasmine Lennard 2010

Irina Shayk 2010-present 

Pleased to meet you: Cristiano Ronaldo hangs out with Rihanna after a concert on Tuesday night

Who's next?

Pose: Modelling some Emporio Armani underwear in 2010

No wonder all of them want to die there... lol


  1. Omo.. so hard to choose, wl stick to the onli Legitimate WAG on the list Irina Shayk with the shades

  2. ORORO!!!!! he will have won Ballon D'Or 10 years in a row if 'na who do babe pass' was the name of the game

  3. That Endringer babe is causing Kasala in this my end oooo. But Ronaldo is a Legend mhen

  4. Ronaldo 30 babes in 1 decade, Mess... just 1. Now who is a better player?

  5. lwkmd.. No wonder dey wan2 die dere sha

  6. Rihanna bawo, i.m next jare.. itunu abeg gimme his pin o

  7. Where is Kim Kardashian?

  8. So this Sharapova sef na ashana.. Isnt that Raffaella Fico Balotelli's baby mama? and dat Imoighen Thomas na just skreps.. all the footballers av enterd the place. WAG of the wk goes to Alice Godwin.. she gat wat we lookin for. winks*

  9. So Paris Hilton sef chop out of am.... My WAG of the week is Irina. She's bad like that