Wednesday, 6 November 2013

'We must channel Munich spirit to beat Dortmund away' - Arsene Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger told his team that they cannot rest on their laurels

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger has raised Arsenal's hopes of qualifying to the next round of the UCL Champs lge as he vowed to repeat the form that helped his team to a 2-0 win at the house of the defending champions Bayern Munich, when they go to Dortmund today.

Speaking via his bog on Reuters;

'As Borussia Dortmund won here, they are the favourites at home on Wednesday as well.

But I think that we can do what we did last year against Bayern: we lost at home, but at the end it was only a question of away goals over two legs.

So it is necessary for us to win away. I’d say that Dortmund are the favourites, but we will go there wanting to impose ourselves.

We will have to work on our recovery speed, and not let them counter-attack when we impose our tempo. We will have to be well organised when we attack in order to stop them from counter-attacking.

They are very dangerous in counter-attacks. They are specialists when it comes to stopping their opponents from playing and enjoy such opportunities.

For Lewandowski's winning goal at the Emirates, Dortmund counter-attacked and we were trapped on both sides.

On the left side, because Gibbs didn't see Grosskreutz’s run, so he was outflanked. Sagna was in attack, and didn’t come back, so Lewandowski took advantage of it.

Nobody replaced Sagna, and he didn’t have the time to come back – or didn’t come back fast enough. And you can realise then that it is both their efficiency and our lack of speed that created their opportunity.

When you see the assist, and you anticipate, and see who is taking the ball, you know something will happen. And it did.

We were the victims of wanting to win too much, and not recovering in defence fast enough. They are a very good team in passing from defending to attacking. They proved it here.'

A win for Arsenal will put them in pole position in the 'group of death' as they bid to qualify for the second round for a fourteenth consecutive season.


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