Thursday, 21 November 2013

Weather presenter fulfills promise after vowing to strip off if France qualified for World Cup (PHOTOS)

Doria Tillier remember her? Of course we cant forget our beautiful friend that promised to make all of us happy. The weather presenter promised to host a forecast NAKED after vowing to strip if France qualified for the worldcup (HERE)..

Millions of us were on the edge of our seats as we tuned in to see whether Mademoiselle Doria was going to fulfill her promise when she presented her Canal+ weather forecast yesterday evening, well the French stunner kept to her word as she gave us a nude show.

But she did it in a very modest and professional way and it was not the exact kind of show most of us were anticipating.. The former model and actress was filmed in the distance in the tiny hamlet of 'Poil', and it is there where her plans became clear.

'A Poil', in French, translates as 'stark naked', or 'in the nude' in English. So she technically and sarcastically forecasted Nude.

The look on her face tho. lol.. In her mind she's a sharp girl, after toiling with our emotions... 


  1. i zoom zooom zooom.. still i no c anythin.. this babe dey para o. giv us wat we r lukin 4 na