Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Zlatan Ibrahimovic should stop fooling us, Nobody is going to miss him at the WorldCup.

Ibrahimovic applauds Ronaldo's magical hat-trick

What will the world of football look like without Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Following Sweden's elimination from the world cup playoffs and hence their ineligibility to participate at next year's world cup, the Larger than life striker was asked to talk about his national team future, he came up with one of the classiest responses ever seen in a press room.

I'm not taking anything away from Zlatan, on his day, he's the best striker in the world and i believe we all are lucky to exist in the generation with him, But him degrading the world cup in that manner is absolute fallacy and the truth is not in him. According to statistics and records, Ibrahimovic has never scored a goal in the worldcup, and will probably never get one...  if there is any title he can comfortably claim, he has to go down as the greatest striker in the history of football without a worldcup goal. So Mr Zlatan what are we going to miss exactly?


  1. Ibra is just too vain

  2. Itunu pls tell him jor.. history, records and

  3. Congrats Zlatan... The greatest striker ever never to score in the worldcup, but Itunu dont u think George Weah has a say in that matter?