Monday, 2 December 2013

Franck Ribery Blasts Compatriot For Voting For Ronaldo

Mamadou Sakho aurait voté pour Cristiano Ronaldo. (L'Equipe)

News going round now state that Bayern Munich and French star Frank Ribery has vented his anger on Mamadou Sakho after the Liverpool defender publicly stated he would vote for Cristiano Ronaldo to win the Ballon d'Or.

Some school of thoughts believe Ribery should be given the award, following the key role he played in Bayern Munich's unprecedented treble last season but Sakho is not a student of that school as he publicly endorsed Ronaldo as the world best.

“I would vote for Cristiano Ronaldo,” the France international told beIN Sport. “He is a high-level player and athlete and the statistics of the Portuguese are really impressive.
“It is obvious my heart would vote for Ribery, but the numbers don’t lie.”

Ribery however made it clear he was not impressed with his compatriot's remarks, telling L’Equipe: “Sakho disappointed me.

“He disappointed me about what he said recently. Anyway, that’s how it is in football. He gave his opinion. This is life. It’s not a serious issue.”

Ribery should take heart, C'est la vie!...  But guys i'm confused, how is Mamadou Sakho eligible to vote?


  1. Shey he was the former captain of PSG na.. buh reali its confusing

  2. i can help.. since Thiago Silva is a double captain (Brazil and psg), he has to drop one slot.. so i feel, as a former captain mamadou sakho is eligibe.. even ibrahiomovic they mite have considered giving the slot to, is also the captain of sweden... thank me later!

  3. Guy where u don dey since?

  4. Well i dont think this story is about eligibility/ineligibility atall, hes only saying he prefers Ronaldo to Riberry

  5. Ribery press p ni sha