Sunday, 22 December 2013

Its Official! NBA Star Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Are Finally Engaged

After dating for nearly five years, Miami Heat star Dwayne Wayde put a ring on his girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union. A big one.

An overexcited Wade posted the pictures of the beautiful scene on his instagram page where he captioned Union's response: 'She said YES!!!'

Wade also paid homage to the jeweler: 'Big thanks to you my @jasonofbh "Better look of the ring we had the pleasure of making for@dwyanewade and @gabunion CONGRATS!!! And please send my wedding invitation to my office. Lol#jasonofbh #engagement #diamond #diamondring#diamonds #beverlywilshire #cosmopolitanvegas" via@PhotoRepost_app"

Gabrielle Union and D Wade Maserati The Collection Launch

Personally i want to say a big congrats to Wade for hitting JACKPOT! Check out mind blowing pictures of Gabrielle HERE

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