Friday, 6 December 2013

Rio Ferdinand Publicly Criticises David Moyes

Unimpressed: Ferdinand (left) is not happy with Moyes naming the team line-up at the last minute

Manchester United ever present defender Rio Ferdinand has openly condemned his manager David Moyes's managerial approach of naming team line-ups at the last possible minute.

Ferdinand simply doesn't like that tactic and he wants Moyes to tear a leaf from Fergie's book whereby a player is informed well before hand whether he is going to be part of the next fixture or not, as its saves you from mental stress and psychological imbalance.

Ferdinand, 35, told BT Sport: ‘This manager's a bit different in that he doesn't name the team beforehand. You don't really get to know the team. The old manager used to give you a kind of a little bit of an idea if you'd be playing and stuff.

‘When you know you're playing the intensity goes up a little bit more on matchday and that's what you need to try and make sure you're doing even if you don't know you'll be playing to try and get to that intensity you'd be at when you know you're playing.

‘It's hard... it's hard to do that mentally because you spend a lot of nervous energy thinking "Am I playing?" or "Am I not playing?" and you're just going round in circles in your head and turning into a madman.’

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