Thursday, 28 August 2014

"This Rivalry Is Part Of My Life".. Ronaldo Gives Kudos To Lione Messi

Ronaldo and Messi have dominated world football in recent years and are widely regarded as the two best current players in modern football, having shared the Ballon d'Or between them during the last six years.

Much has been said and written about the supposed tension between the two stars, but Ronaldo insists he has a perfectly good professional relationship with the Argentine.

"It's not at all true that we have a bad relationship," he said according to Marca. "We are colleagues and have a professional relationship.

"We don't have a relationship outside of football like I have with some other players. He tries to do his best for his club and national team and I do the same. There is a certain rivalry where we are each doing our utmost for our teams.

"This rivalry is part of my life. It is only normal that people compare us. The same happens in Formula 1 with Ferrari and Mercedes. I'm used to it. This has been the case not only since I joined Madrid, but already when I was still at Manchester United.

"I hope that we can both laugh about all this. Football is a game, it's something fun and something we both like. We must face this rivalry in a positive way because it is a good thing. Football is something beautiful that all the fans enjoy."

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