Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Craziest Things to Ever Happen in a Sports Locker Room

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so what happens behind closed doors should stay behind closed doors. Unfortunately for the sportsmen we will be discussing, sometimes it doesn't.

We would be naive to believe that it's all sunshine and rainbows in professional sports locker rooms. Just like any group of people who work closely together for far too many hours in the course of a week, there are bound to be scuffles and disagreements. It's human nature.

And now that the NFL plans to install cameras in home-team locker rooms beginning in 2013, we're bound to have a lot more stories like these at this time next year.

Sportunes will from time to time bring to your know the scuffles and disagreements that have refused to stay behind those sealed doors.

Kobe Bryant vs. Dwight Howard
It was almost as though people were actively seeking issues between Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard before the two of them even showed up to preseason last fall. They wanted drama. They wanted the two of them to hate each other. They wanted Kobe to make Superman cry. 

When the Lakers' 2012-13 campaign began with a pitiful whimper rather than a bang, it was an outcome no one expected—especially not the guys in the locker room wearing purple and gold. As such, there was some early tension between the stars. Allegedly. 

After the team started out 15-18 and stuff hit the fan, a "feud" developed between Bryant and Howard, according to the New York Daily News. A "league source" indicated that both of them were in a bad mood after a particularly rough loss to the Sixers, and Kobe called Howard soft. The gloves were off after that and "Howard was restrained from going at his teammate."

It's doubtful that they'll be hanging together once Howard's time as a Laker comes to an end.


  1. #Beef.. Bryant will neva stoop low to exchange glove with Howard

  2. alot of shit goes on behind close doors.. itunu like wen dey beat u guyz, alot of things wld av sparked up in dat coded room

  3. bryant can av breathing space now. Aurevoir howard

  4. Itunu dey r not mats.. Bryant has double of evryfn howard got.. Even his squad no

  5. guy i dont agree wt u..bryant wl not buy laptop for som1 he doesnt wnna hang wit. unless u lied 2 us in that post

  6. itunu wher u there? u wey neva commot lagos 4 ur life