Saturday, 27 April 2013

Venezuela appoints Olympic pin-up sexy fencer as new sports minister


She’s made history in becoming Venezuela’s first ever female minister. But Alejandra Benitez’s promise to transform sport in the South American nation is not what’s got her countrymen all excited. Instead, she’s the talk of the town after a series of saucy snaps she posed for before the 2008 Olympics in Beijing were re-published online. The 32-year-old – who fenced for Venezuela during the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympics – was revealed as new President Nicolas Maduro’s sports minister at the weekend.
On Twitter, she wrote: ‘Today starts a new challenge and I will assume that challenge with the same commitment as an athlete who defends his homeland at all costs.’


Already dubbed by Venezuelan media as ‘Maduro’s sexy minister,’ she looks set to be a focal point in the government formed by Hugo Chavez’s successor.

The erotic photographs, published by Sunday magazine Dominical some five years ago, see her posing with nothing but her fencing equipment. She joined other famous Venezuelans in getting naked for a series called: ‘The Country Strips Down.’

‘Clothes can hide anything,’ she is quoted as saying in the magazine. ‘But when you are naked, you are yourself.’

She released a portfolio of modelling shots in 2010. Her official Facebook page is also awash with hundreds of suggestive pictures. Benitez, a fully-trained dentist married to physical trainer Ricky Diez, will be in charge of providing financial support to sports projects across the country.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro
Maduro himself explained the appointment on state television by saying: ‘In these processes of refreshment, renewal and re-invigoration, we considered it necessary to designate Alejandra Benitez, world medallist, Olympic competitor, as our new Minister of Sport.’

Born in Antimano, south of the capital Caracas, her ascent to the post of minister has been meteoric with her formal entry to politics only announced two years ago.


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