Friday, 3 May 2013

Athletes Who Made a Lot of Money Doing Nothing

Must be nice to just sit around on a bench all year and do nothing while getting paid millions of dollars, right?

Well, maybe not for professional athletes.

Granted, those players who can pull off the feat of making bank for doing nothing have it pretty good. Whether they're injured or just benched for being terrible, they barely work and yet their weekly incomes still exceed that of most Nigerians yearly incomes by several millions. It's not fair, but you'd probably trade places with them…or would you not?

The thing is, the fans and the media are all over these guys. Once, they may have been our sweethearts, but now, they're basically vilified for being lazy (which they're probably not—just useless) and cheaters (which they're not—it's not their fault their managers were dumb enough to propose the contract).

From time to time Sportunes will make u abreast of those selected few in sports who have managed to make obscene amounts of money for doing nothing.



In the NBA, it's always a risk to sign an aging veteran and expect him to be significant component of your team. It can go one of two ways: He can exceed expectations, a la Jason Kidd in 2012-13, or he can kind of flop, like Rasheed Wallace in 2009-10.

The Celtics signed Wallace in the hopes that he would provide some veteran experience and at least a hint of defensive fortitude. They also hoped that he would gel with fellow veterans Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to help return the Green into the title contender they had been just a couple of years prior.

RaSheed got along with everyone. That was no problem. The problem was that on the court, he was useless. He seemed to have no idea which plays were being called at any given time, and worse, he didn't seem to care. His offensive rebound rate that season was worse than any other center in the league. He attempted to turn it on for the playoffs, but the Celtics needed him long before then.


Celtics homer Bill Simmons said it best when he wrote:

"Lazy" isn't a strong enough word. He always seems to be standing in the wrong spot. He constantly forgets to box out. His hops are long gone, so balls routinely bounce over his head to opposing players. When matched against a hustler like Anderson Varejao, it's like watching a golden retriever fight off a Rottweiler.


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