Friday, 3 May 2013

KOBE BRYANT NBA Star and Mom In Bitter Legal Battle


Kobe Bryant is in a tooth-and-nail fight with his mother over some priceless basketball memorabilia, including his 1998 All Star ring.

Seems Kobe's mom, Pamela Bryant, made a deal with Goldin Auctions to sell hoards of Kobe's bball swag, including a 2000 All Star game signed ball, game and practice jerseys from his days at Lower Merion High School, a Lakers jacket and shorts, trophies, his varsity high school letters and lots of other stuff.

According to a lawsuit ... obtained by TMZ ... the auction house gave Pamela a $450,000 advance, which she says will be used immediately to buy a new home. According to the lawsuit, Pamela told the auction house Kobe gave her all the stuff outright 5 years ago.

But Kobe has beef, claiming he's the owner of the stuff and he's trying to block the auction.

So a fearful Goldin Auctions has gone to court, naming Kobe as the defendant and asking a judge to declare Pamela the owner of the goods.

A judge has yet to rule.



  1. Oyinboes sha

  2. OMG! This is unreal.. sum1 pinch me

  3. Doesn't make sense 2 me

  4. Kobe shud be a big boi n free d house... Shey he doesn't want his mom 2 reap d fruit of her labour ni