Friday, 10 May 2013



Bebeto was the first person to rock the imaginary baby celebration after pouncing in a quarter-final goal against the Netherlands at the 1994 FIFA world cup in USA . 

"That was a unique moment for Bebeto," his Auriverde colleague Romario told some time afterwards. "His wife had just had the baby at that time and it was quite an interesting celebration. He invented that on the spur of the moment. He scored the goal and started doing it. Mazinho, who was next to him, joined him and I, being next to arrive, just had to follow suit. The three of us made that gesture together.

Introduced to the world in such memorable fashion, the youngster in question has since developed into one of the brightest prospects in the Brazilian game. Now an attacking midfielder for Flamengo, Matheus de Oliveira even played alongside his father in a friendly match organised by Bebeto and Romario on 27 April (HERE) to celebrate the reopening of the Maracana.


  1. wat an enlightment!.. i dey gbadun u my bro

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