Friday, 30 August 2013


Wayne Rooney’s Range Rover Overfinch

Thank God Its Friday!! Ordinarily all workers should call it a week, but that's not so for most of our professional athletes as this is actually the beginning of their week. All through weekends they are found running up and down the length of fields, Swinging golf balls, Dunking those baskets, going on some tennis rallies, Driving all over the race circuits.... After the final whistle blows, they go to the Bank to cash their cheques and they start doing things ordinary men dont do.

From week to week Sportunes will be bringing you the 'Jaye Jaye' of our Sport.

Wayne Rooney

He has a $17.83 million mansion

Vacation in Los Angeles

His wife Coleen Rooney is worth millions of pounds.

He's been balling since 17, when customization of number plate was the in-thing.

He obviously started from the bottom, Now he's here;

15 Soccer Players and Their Cars

Wayne Rooney drives 2004 Cadillac Escalade

Wayne Rooney drives Aston Martin Vanquish

Wayne Rooney drives Bentley Continental GTC

Wayne Rooney and his fleet of fast cars

Wayne Rooney drives Bentley Continental GTC

Not your regular kind of toyz


  1. Omo jaiiye jaiye!!

  2. Rooney bad guy!!

  3. No wonder he dint take the Chevrolet offer from ManU